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Surface-environmental Interaction REsearch Laboratory

 Logo-Clear.pngsire (verb): ‘to create

SIRE Lab engages in Scholarly Inquiry, Research, and Education (SIRE) for gaining a fundamental understanding of the science of thermal-fluid-biological interaction between fluids and tailored micro-manufactured surfaces at all length scales, with a goal of realizing energy-efficiency in convective transport processes.

Thermal and fluid transport are inherent to many processes and realizing dramatic energy-efficiencies in convective transport impacts critical issues of national and international interests in energy, water, security, and health. Our primary research interests are in:
1. Thermal management: Electronics and photonics, directed energy weapons, cloud data centers, portable devices, batteries, automobiles, air/spacecraft, buildings
2. Energy and water: Energy-efficiency, heat exchangers, thermodynamic cycles, portable and distributed power, thermal energy storage, waste heat recovery, enhanced water desalination
3. Space transportation: Long-duration missions, cryocoolers, compact heat exchangers, propellant management and zero boil-off
4. Scalable micro-/nano-manufacturing: Bulk micro-manufacturing/wet etching, micro-milling, micro- and nano-scale surface modification, rapid prototyping, diffusion bonding, surface patterning
Some of the tailored surfaces that we designed, created, and/or analyzed for enhancing single-phase and two-phase convective transport include:

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